Small Yet Spacious Kitchen

Small Yet Spacious Kitchen
Mar 26, 2017

Bought a new apartment and have a small kitchen? 

Do you have less space in your kitchen and are thinking to renovate?

Here are some tips for you to consider before taking any action.

If there is less space in your kitchen, try to maximize your storage area. There are quite a few options for storage space. You can use hidden storage areas available in your kitchen. From cupboard doors, space under the table or space between units, these spaces are apt for storage. Your other options are to use suspended shelving, which will make the kitchen look more spacious. 

When it comes to small spaces, choosing the right colour is a must. Opting for lighter shades helps in making the room seem considerably bigger. Shades like pastel blue, yellow, pinks are colours that give the room an airy feeling and make it look big. Although choosing light colours change the look of the kitchen, darker shades give a sense of boldness to the room. 

A well-lit room makes it look roomier. Although strip lights have gone out of fashion, they add to the lighting. LED lights provide a brighter look to a room and help you save money on your electrical bills. 

Choosing the right flooring is an important aspect to make the kitchen look sizeable. Opting for small tiles which are easy to clean and maintain, are better choices for flooring. 

Hacker Kitchens can help you design or redesign a new kitchen with their customizable kitchen designs, a wide range of kitchen units, kitchen accessories etc.

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