Compact Kitchens

Compact Kitchens
Oct 26, 2017

Creativity is key when it comes to designing compact kitchens. Transform your small kitchen layouts with bold cabinets, double-duty accents and sleek lighting solutions.

You can store things on top of cabinets or in spaces between them. You may choose to pare down your kitchen stuff to the bare minimum and you’ll be surprised how much space you actually have.

Another key hack can be to organize strategically. If you’re adding shelves for storage, you don’t want them to look cluttered. Arrange bowls and mugs by colour so everything feels cohesive. The aesthetic items can be displayed and the less attractive essentials can be tucked away in the cabinets.

Skipping bulky hardware on your cabinets and drawers will help your space look more streamlined and sleek. The smaller, the more cosy it is. Embrace it with warm cream colors.

It’s tiny, so every inch should be both functional and communicate the right style statement.

With the right small-space solutions and stylish design ideas, it really doesn’t matter what size your space is.

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