Make It Black

Make It Black
Oct 26, 2017

All-white kitchens are typical, but black kitchens are the new neutral. The drama of black kitchen design is rapidly gaining steam.

Shades of black can be alluring, shouting sleekness and sophistication at the same time, making you think that the dark side isn’t too bad. From cabinets to paneling, there are numerous ways of incorporating black in your kitch.

Sleek and chic cabinets can blend well with a stellar island.

A few minor elements can shine by having accessories on display such as mugs, glasses, knives, cooking boards. A black backdrop would enhance their individual look.

A monochromatic black and white kitchen could give a classic mid-century look, with the result being a sleek yet bright place.

Black bricks and black cabinets against a bright white wall will make for the perfect look that is unique, comfortable and timeless. This is a black hole you’d be pulled into!

Choose the dark side. Hacker Kitchen will help you have this splendidly spooky feel.

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